ICIC carries out Pre-Shipment inspections of Cargo on behalf of Overseas Clients. The purpose of which is primarily to ascertain that the following:

• Fertilzer (DAP, TSP, ….)
• Rock phosphate
• Urea
• Steel scrap



Loading and stowage survey is carried out to check flawed or improper cargo stowage, which not only harms the cargo but also the ship.Hence, the advice, suggestion and supervision by our experienced technical surveyors help bring about cost effective and safe stowage of the cargo in order to certify to the parties concerned that the stowage in and approved one. In most cases,the stowage survey is conducted in conjunction with the condition survey, especially for the transportation of machinery and sensitive cargoes.


General cargo survey involves the inspection and measurement or weighing of packaged cargo with follow up surveys on lighters and warehouses. This service covers damage to all types in cargo, its nature, extent and cause; including the fitness of the packing for sea carriage and the drawing of samples when required.

Marchers hit the streets in Seattle to protest Ferguson ruling

Garfield High School students join the front row of the Seattle march to protest the Ferguson grand jury ruling. up, they chanted. District Courthouse at Seventh Avenue and Stewart Street. chanting, justice, no peace. No racist police were high school students, like David Morgan, 16, a junior at Garfield High School. Morgan said he was there to support all the black people in the past who have been wronged by police, joining a crowd chanting lives matter, black lives matter! are out here to support Mike Brown family and show our support to African Americans all around, said senior Alyssa King, 17, president of the Garfield High School Black Student Union, which organized the student march. a peaceful protest because there been enough violence in the lives that have been taken. District Courthouse at Seventh Avenue and Stewart Street in downtown Seattle. They were accompanied by Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O marchers were vocal, chanting, up, Don shoot! During the march they were joined by about 1,000 students from Garfield High School. Shannon said, march is about outrage and just people are hurting right now. said protesters are demanding a federal indictment of police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Mo.

Murray said he was invited to the march by black ministers, including PastorLawrence Willis, president of the United Black Christian Clergy of Washington (UBCCW).

When asked aboutMonday night protest, which turned unruly, Murray replied, is a community that is in pain. He went on to explain that while the march in the African American community had been peaceful, have a mostly white crowd run onto the freeway. Hagopian, teacher and adviser for the Black Student Union at Garfield High School, said while speaking in the parking lot before the march started, that his students were not surprised by the decision to not charge Wilson.

is the normal practice of a racist country, he said.

Harald Hyllseth, student body president wholesale jerseys for Garfield, said the student march was organized by the school Black Student Union, which held a discussion earlier Tuesday to decide how to respond to the Ferguson decision.

“It was awesome to see that it came together, he said. like a vote of solidarity with the Black Student Union and what they’re trying to accomplish,”

Earlier, about 250 students from Roosevelt High School staged a peaceful march. A school district tweet did not give the destination. Tuesday to participate in the march, despite the rain. Several students decried the grand jury decision to not indict a white officer for fatally shooting Michael Brown, an unarmed black man.

is a final event in a long string of events that are just not OK,” said junior Leo Folsom, 17. He called on young people to speak out against social injustice.

“If we don’t, like, what can you do?” said Folsom.

Maddie Foley, 18, marched with her hands up, joining the chorus of students who shouted shoot! just turned 18 and Michael Brown was the same age when he was shot in the streets for no reason, or for no justifiable reason, she said.

As the students marched in the wholesale jerseys china street, Seattle police drove along next to them, blocking traffic on cross streets.

Roosevelt High School was Tuesday morning with talk of a student protestinresponse tothe Ferguson grand jury decision. the protest was all anyone was talking about.

started with the BSU, the Black Student Union, and everyone started spreading the word. Roosevelt Principal Brian Vance announced on the school intercom that the protest was not school sponsored event and any student who walked outwould receivean unexcused absence, Fitzmaurice said.

With that, nearly 300 students walked onto the school field, and then off campus toward the University of Washington. Once they reached Red Square at the UW, the Roosevelt students chanted and talked about racial inequality, Fitzmaurice said over his cellphone as he marched back to cheap wholesale jerseys school from UW.

were chants about what has happened in Ferguson and about George Zimmerman getting off in Florida, he said. events are repeating themselves all the time. It not OK. spokeswoman for Seattle Public Schools said students whose parents granted permissionfor the walkout would be given an excused absence. Fitzmaurice mother, over Twitter, told The Seattle Times her son had her permission to protest.

in action. Participating in history. Permission granted, Nicole Le Prohntweeted.

The students are reportedly marching toward the University of Washington. Seattle police warn motorists driving near the UW to expect traffic disruptions.

Seattle schools says the students who march off campus willreceive an absence if theydo nothave permission fromtheir parents.

A cleanup crew sweeps up broken glass left on the sidewalk from a smashed window at the Wells Fargo bank on Madison Street at Boylston Avenue in Seattle early Tuesday morning. The window was broken Monday night during a protest of the Ferguson grand jury ruling.

The march follows demonstrations Monday that mostly stayed peaceful before erupting into violence late in the evening. A handful of protesters made it onto Interstate 5, where they blocked traffic until officers were wholesale jerseys china able to move them.Articles Connexes:

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