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My Q and A With Pete Carroll and His Team Of Sports Scientists, Who Helped The Seattle Seahawks Sleep Their Way to The Top

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the NFL great success stories in recent years. Their 43 8 victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII not only won them a place in football history, it put a national spotlight on the benefits of performance enhancing practices including yoga, m

Not being a Ravens fans before the Flacco era, I initially started liking Joe during his rookie year because I thought he was handsome, but since then I followed his career closely and have had the chance to watch him improve every single season; this is why it bugs me when sports pundits write him off because it obvious they haven paid much attention to many of his games. After watching him for about 7 seasons, there no QB in the NFL that I as a fan trust more to win a game with 30 seconds left on the clock than Joe Flacco.

Joe Flacco is incredibly optimistic, but realistic; he always tries to learn from his mistakes and improve, and never loses control when it clearly unnecessary. A great NFL QB who I believe is extremely underrated and an even better leader, on and off the field. What not to love about Cool Joe?!

What to Expect from New England Patriots Pass Rush and Pass Defense in 2015

Although there certainly more than one way to build a great NFL defense, every unit needs an ace in the hole to lean on in a game plan.

For the New England Patriots, that responsibility will fall on the front seven in 2015, as Bill Belichick has attempted to offset personnel losses in the secondary by beefing up the trenches this offseason.

However, that switch isn the byproduct of a single offseason but rather multiple years of quietly heavy investment.

Since 2012, the Patriots have spent 13 draft picks on defensive linemen or linebackers, including four first rounders and seven in the first three rounds. It not hard to see where New England has chosen to build its foundation, and without the likes of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner to support them on the back end, it is also time for that talent to mature.

Right now, it impossible to judge how the unit will coalesce as a whole, especially when considering the importance of unknown commodities like Dominique Easley and Malcom Brown. And that to say nothing of the secondary, whose starting wholesale jerseys outlet cornerbacks are a mystery at this time.

But based on how the Pats have schemed and performed under similar circumstances in the past, we can begin to see an outline of how New England might approach its pass defense in 2015.

Interchangeability is huge for any Belichick defense. That applies doubly to the front seven, which has morphed from a power oriented 3 4 two gap scheme into a hybrid scheme that incorporates one and two gapping principles on the majority of plays.

For such a scheme to work, a defensive line needs a wide range of skill sets and athletic players capable of handling multiple roles, often within a single drive. The Patriots have accumulated lots of edge defenders, players capable of rushing the passer from either an inside or outside defensive technique, providing them with a drool worthy plethora of possibilities in sub packages.

One wrinkle I be tracking is the possibility of Chandler Jones receiving more rush opportunities against interior offensive linemen. As discussed before, Jones 35.5 inch arms are tough enough for tackles to deal with, let alone smaller guards. That combination of length and explosiveness has made Jones dangerous in cheap jerseys the limited opportunities he received at the 3 technique.

Jones demands double teams in such situations, as a late shove in the above screenshot from Matt Kalil barely helped to prevent a sack. More importantly, shifting Jones inside more might let free agent acquisition Jabaal Sheard return to his roots as a 4 3 defensive end, where he compiled 15.5 sacks over his first two seasons in Cleveland. Since 2000, only eight players have compiled at least 15.5 sacks and 19 AV in their first two seasons:

Sheard has not blossomed into that type of player, but with his signing, the Pats now boast three edge defenders with three down capabilities (Sheard, Jones, Rob Ninkovich). That a rare haul which should not only keep each player fresh but also provide Belichick with more versatility in how he likes to deploy his defensive linemen.

That trio should represent the cornerstone of New England pass rushing efforts, but one more player to keep an eye on might be second year player Zach Moore. The former Division II standout was drafted as a defensive end, but having bulked up to 275 pounds, there have been reports of the Patriots moving the sixth round selection to more of an interior role:

Moore cheap jerseys doesn possess nearly the length of Jones (33.75″), but still presents an athletic mismatch against most interior linemen. If the Patriots rotate more liberally along the line and cap their starters at roughly 70 percent snaps, that could open the door for Moore to carve out a much more substantial role than what he played last season.

Keep an eye on the Roy Hibbert lookalike this training camp to see if he sticks at defensive tackle, as he should have the size to play the 5 technique and the explosiveness to play the more glamorous 3 tech.

The Patriots weren a particularly heavy blitzing team, but when they did send extra rushers, the results were typically effective. Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower emerged as significant double A gap blitz threats, a pre snap look that the Patriots grew to rely upon by the latter half of the season.

Before the Super Bowl, Grantland and Smart Football film savant Chris Brown illustrated a read concept Belichick uses as a staple of his defense. Blitzing is all about creating an unanticipated numbers advantage on one side of the formation, and New England has one particular blitz look that prevents offenses from sliding extra blockers toward the rush:

Today offenses are nimble enough to redirect their pass protection schemes toward the most likely blitzers at the line. Belichick, however, enables his defenders to regain the advantage by teaching them to read the offense, specifically the center. For example, Belichick frequently calls blitzes with potential rushers lined up to the offense left and right, with each reading the center movement. If the center slides toward the keyed defender, he drops into coverage, and if the center slides away from the keyed defender, he turns kamikaze and blitzes the quarterback.

Brown uses an example from the Patriots Week 16 win over the New York Jets, a Hightower sack that helped preserve a one point fourth quarter lead. However, there were numerous examples of the Patriots disguising double A gap pressure to scramble protection calls:

The San Diego Chargers miscommunication is probably more to blame here, as five linemen shouldn have issues picking up five rushers. But when centers face stress from both sides, the guards on either side also need to check the linebackers before setting into their protection.

That kind of doubt can create positive domino effects for the pass defense as a whole, whether it an edge defender getting a one on one opportunity or a running back getting audibled in to block and thereby removing a receiver from the equation.

The above example is from a later drive in the same Week 14 contest. Instead of blitzing, both linebackers drop back into coverage, leaving the Pats with a meager three man rush. However, because the guards are occupied by the threat of the A gap blitz, San Diego essentially has three blockers on defensive tackle Dominique Easley.Articles Connexes:

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